More than 20 people displaced by Seymour apartment complex fire

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SEYMOUR -- More than two dozen people are homeless after a massive fire ripped through a Seymour apartment complex Saturday.

“I don’t believe it,” said Elaine Adley. “I went out a couple thrift stores. I came home. They wouldn’t let me go through here and the building is on fire.”

The entire roof of the building at 380 Main Street has been completely destroyed.

“The first officer on scene found smoke coming from the attic,” said Seymour Deputy Fire Marshal and Public Information Officer Timm Willis. “Three units arrived a short time later and found the fire coming from the attic.”

Adley said she was shocked to find the charred shell of what is left of her home of nearly 29 years.

“I had to take a blood pressure pill let’s put it that way,” she said.

Seymour Firefighters arrived to the scene at around 3pm.

Willis said firefighters initially had difficulty locating a water source to fight the fire and had to call in firefighters from multiple departments in surrounding towns a short time later.

“Fighters immediately upon learning of the water issue had to call for backup and hold defense of operations,” Willis said. “Upon getting a water supply established they were able to go back into the units and begin to make an interior attack.”

The fire was under control in about an hour.

In that short time Willis said 26 people were displaced.

“There were eight units that were heavily damaged and an additional 12 that did receive water or smoke damage,” he said.

“My cats in there still,” Adley said. “They tried to get in but he’s, like I said he’s probably hiding.”

Willis said one firefighter suffered an ankle injury however, there were no other reported injuries.

“I’m just glad everybody got out safe, animals and the people,” Adley said.

It’s still unclear whether anyone will be able to live in the apartment complex again.

Elaine will stay with her son for the night.

She’s not sure what will happen down the line.

But she remains optimistic.

“I just turned 70 and they only take one pill so I’m blessed that way,” Adley said.

The red cross is assisting all 26 people who were displaced.

Fire officials say the blaze was accidental.

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