Local Syrian refugee wishes more action would be taken to help country

NEW HAVEN -- A local Syrian refugee is reacting to the missile  airstrikes against Syria on Friday evening.

While Haitham Dalati said he is glad to see some action, he said he wishes it came sooner.

“I think the message Trump has sent to Assad with this attack is kill your people the way you like except gas, death is death,” Delati said.

Delati came to the U.S. about a year ago from Lebanon. He then settled down in the New Haven area with the help of the Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, (IRIS).

“We wish more Syrian refugees will come to the great state of Connecticut,” IRIS director Chris George said.

George said helping the people of Syria will take more than airstrikes.

“I think that we have a humanitarian crisis in Syria and the responses need to include Humanitarian action as well as the police action,”

Delati said  he has spent the  last year not only waiting to be reunited with his only child, but holding out hope world leaders would do more to help the people of Syria.