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Woman wants Hartford officer’s act of kindness to go viral

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HARTFORD — The post was labeled “Hartford officer caught in the act!” And Latisha Wilson wants everyone to share it. But the act was a simple act of kindness.

As Latisha left Shiloh Baptist Church on Sunday morning, she saw a Hartford police cruiser pull up on Albany Avenue, facing the wrong way. She was concerned something bad had happened. Then she saw the officer get out of his car and open the door.  When a woman using crutches got out, Latisha began shooting video on her phone. If you watch her video, you’ll see why she decided to capture the moment, and share it with the world.

It is far from the most dramatic police action we’ve seen captured on a cell phone video. The event was probably not even memorable for Officer Augustino. But one Hartford resident thought it was significant, even if it happens, quietly, every day.