First on FOX61: Flooding backs into New Britain apartment; city responds

NEW BRITAIN -- Monday's rain caused major flooding to one apartment complex in New Britain.

On Monday, New Britain resident, Ricardo Aponte, reached out to FOX61 in regards to his apartment being flooded. He claims the property manager said they couldn't help out with the situation at the time because they had to get an adjuster.

Mark Moriarty who directs the public works department for New Britain, said the city has been trying for at least seven years to get a project funded through the state for a new drainage pipe on Allen Street.

Moriarty said they've gone to the legislature about three times for funding with little progress.

The whole project would cost roughly $6 million.

He said if the funding was given tomorrow, it would still take several months to accomplish because the pipe is buried 19 feet in rock and it's currently 12 inches wide and needs to be expanded to 30 inches.

"We did do some work in advance on it we already spent $2 million on Allen Street making improvements. We moved, we worked with Connecticut Natural Gas to move the gas line out of the way as a first step in addressing some of the issues," Moriarty said.

FOX61 did reach out to the apartment complex management on helping clean up the damage, but they declined to comment.