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Expanded services on Hartford rail line to begin this June

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HARTFORD -- Looking to travel more? A new announcement from the Connecticut Department of Transportation may soon make that easier.

"I think it's great, I always think that connecting people, offering easier ways to travel, and cheaper ways to travel is always a great idea," says Zak Kline. "There's never any harm in that!"

That is how one excited traveler feels hearing the news that the Hartford Rail Line will officially launch this June.

"Making it easier for people to see things they want to see, people they want to see, I think that is always great," said Kline.

The new expanded service will have trains running every 45 minutes during the morning and evening peak periods.

“It will bring a lot of business especially to us for Uber," says Andres Torres. "I am an Uber driver so constantly we are over here bringing people to the train station, and bringing people from here to other places.”

The new line includes a total of 17 daily trains traveling from New Haven to Hartford, and 12 from Hartford to Springfield. There will also be direct and connecting services to New York City, Boston, and Vermont.
“It’s exciting because I am always trying to find ways to get to New York," says Noah Witke Mele, who currently lives in Vermont. "I have a lot of family here (in Connecticut) so I like to stay here with them.”

The additions of new stations in Wallingford, Meriden, and Berlin also add additional options.

“I think it’s a great, great thing," says Fredrick Palmer. "It’ll even get me around every once in a while.”

Trains will also be able to go up to 110 miles per hour, making a trip from Springfield to New Haven take just 81 minutes with stops included.

“It’s easier, it’s quicker, and cheaper for people to get around," said Palmer.

Some say, it offers peace of mind as well.

"You don’t have to worry about driving in traffic or anything like that," says Charlene Stevens. "It’s less stressful."

The project was payed for by three federal grants and state funds. There will be free rides on June 16th, and 17th. Normal service officially begins on Monday June 18th.

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