UConn Break Dancing Club continues to spin in the spotlight

STORRS --  Since 2002, the UConn Break Dancing Club has built a culture that makes everyone feel at home, no matter how many years of break dancing you may have under your belt.

"I think this club is really special to me, honestly, because everyone acts like a family here," said club member Nandini Verma. "I’m really kind of scared to get back into dancing but all the guys and girls that come here usually really make me feel welcomed.

"No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced they really help you grow as a dancer and as a person," she said. "We just have a lot of fun and it’s like a great community here.”

To John Paul Henares, president of the club, this is a home away from home for many reasons.

"We've been working hard on fostering a community in break," said Henares. "We have our inside jokes, and a certain atmosphere that just encourages uniqueness and having fun. The atmosphere is nothing but encouraging, but we're also competitive."

"We like to consider ourselves more as a resource for students who are wanting to be involved on campus and also train in something that they never done before,” said fifth year senior Joshua Colon.

With the growth and development this past school year, the club is determined to keep things rolling next year.