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GLASTONBURY -- When trainer Tyrek Pratt works with Gary Korman, he offers words of encouragement and perfects his form. He does the same with Nanette Dobkin.

“Be out a little bit wider, make sure when we pull, we pull with our lats,” Pratt said as she did pulled her chin up to the bar.

But the conversations Pratt has with his clients go beyond that. Pratt hopes to be more than a personal trainer, he also aims to be part therapist.

“The physical part is easy. The mental part is the hard part. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to gain weight? What caused you to lose weight? What caused you to gain weight?” said Pratt.

Those questions are what he says sets Against All Odds Personal Training in Glastonbury apart from other gyms. He’s not only giving you exercises to do, he’s also providing services as a life coach. Annette and Arthur Tischofer say that has been invaluable.

“He’s brought out a lot of different things, emotions, life awareness, especially of me, like of things, I’m like ‘Oh my God.’ You keep things inside and he’s been really bringing out a lot,” said Annette Tischofer.

“He’s brought out a lot in my by focusing on what causes me not to, why I eat all the time for my feelings and that stuff. We realized what the problem was and we’re working out way to try to correct that problem,” said Arthur Tischofer.

The goal is to focus on the whole person. That’s why Pratt also brought in one of his clients, Becky Muldoon, who has her own health company, Plantspired. She can help clients focus on how their diets fit into the picture.

“The mental, the physical, the eating, are you sleeping, are you managing your stress? And we bring all those pieces together. So whether someone is coming in here for a high intensity boot camp workout or a yoga workout or life coaching or training, everything they need is under one roof,” said Becky Muldoon of Plantspired.

For more information, visit their website. 

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