Good Samaritan in East Haven helps make drug arrest

Frank Proto, 57 Credit: East Haven Police

EAST HAVEN — On Wednesday, a local Good Samaritan who originally called about a suspicious vehicle helped police officers get a situation under control when negotiations between a suspect and the police turned violent.

A resident near Cortina Road and Thompson Street noticed a suspicious vehicle parked outside his house with its emergency lights on.  He proceeded to call the police to report the suspicious vehicle.  When the police arrived they noticed a man who was identified as Frank Proto, 57, exiting the car.

He appeared to be concealing something in his right fist.  When asked to reveal what was in his right hand, Proto put both hands in his pockets.  Proto continued to ignore the police officers commands and as a result the confrontation turned into a fight.

The person who originally told police of the suspicious vehicle, left his house to help the police subdue Proto, after he saw the struggle. Police said they found Proto to be in possession crack cocaine.  Police also found a glass smoking pipe as well as other drug paraphernalia with the residue of Xanex and anti-anxiety medication on it.

Proto will be charged with the crimes of Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Illegal Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Interfering With a Police Office.  He is currently being held on  bond and is expected to appear in court in May.