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An East Haven man risks his life to save a police officer

EAST HAVEN – John Vincenti has been living at his home for over 36 years and says cars park outside of his house all the time.

This time, something was a little off.

Frank Proto, 57, was parked right outside Vincenti’s house Wednesday and began acting a little strangely. Proto shut off all of his car lights and began rummaging through his trunk. Vincenti did the logical thing and called the police.

“'I`m like listen, there’s a guy here on the side of the house. He’s just acting a little strange,” said Vincenti.

A police officer came to his house to investigate the situation. The officer approached Proto and asked him to raise his hands. Proto refused and began pushing the officer against the car. Proto pushed the officer to the ground and began to wrestle. Thinking quickly, Vincenti dropped the phone and ran outside to help.

“Stop moving now! Let these officers cuff you now,” yells Vincenti.

Words didn’t work, so Vincenti took action.

“I said give me your hand! I grab his hand. I rip it out. I put it next to his other one. I grab the other one. I’m like, `Cuff this guy.` And that was it,” said Vincenti.

“It could be the guy crossing the road. It could be the cop. It could be the lady with the bags. Anybody could need a hand if it could be used. And if you could give one, you give it you know,” said Vincenti.