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WorkinCT #CTConfident: Toby’s Treasure Box benefits your pets and vets

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NEWINGTON -- Kyle Knight bought the Newington Pet Spa location three years ago and since then has been grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes.

“We handle a lot of hard to work with dogs and elderly dogs, that’s what we specialize in,” said Knight.

While working on those dogs and talking to their owners, Knight came up with the idea of Toby’s Treasure Box, a subscription treats and toys box that’s customizable.

“Some dogs have allergies. Other dogs have different play styles. Some dogs actually tear up anything that’s plush. Some dogs may eat the squeakers, so understanding your dog’s personality and your dog’s dietary needs kind of play, and we ask a very customized questionnaire,” said Knight.

So far, the feedback has been great.

There are single sized boxes and family sized boxes that range from $22 to $36. You can set up how frequently you get one.

“Generally, there’s two to three types of treats, two to three different types of toys, some type of chew toy or chew product,” said Knight, as he described what goes into the box.

Those products aren’t only benefitting your pet. Fifty percent of the profits from Toby’s Treasure Box goes to the United States War Dogs Association and Companions for Heroes, two charities that help veterans and war dogs.

“Basically war dogs and veterans to me are the most selfless people out there,” said Knight.

Knight also helps people with autism. He hired Theresa Owens about nine months ago, and she’s been bathing and drying the dogs that come in to the Pet Spa.

“Best part of my day is interacting with the dogs,” said Theresa Owens.

“When she first came to us, she was very shy, very timid, we had to work around certain things that were special for her. She has stepped up and become one of the best employees that we’ve ever had,” said Knight.

Knight said he hopes to hire even more employees with autism as he builds up the Toby’s Treasure Box business.

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