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Rocky Hill residents outraged over town’s proposal to cap toxic wastes over former dump site

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ROCKY HILL - Residents spoke out Thursday night at a town council public hearing against a proposal for the former dump site.

The town and owner of the property are looking to cap the site with contaminated soil.

The meeting was packed to the point where people were spilling out into the hallway.

The property is currently owned by Meadows Properties, LLC since 206 but it was improperly closed in the 80s. That is why the dump site now contains water mixed when landfill waste which can pose as a danger to humans, pets, and aquatic life.

“I do not trust the owners of Meadow Properties on this land. I don’t think they have proven to be good stewards of this land and since buying the dump in 2006, Meadow Properties has done little to nothing to improve it,” said Ed Chiucarello of Rocky Hill.

Residents said the owners are looking to solve the problem by capping it with soil but the issue is that it is contaminated soil consisting of toxic chemicals.

Residents held up signs that read “No Pollution Solution” and a group of them wore lime green shirts that were each labeled with the names of toxic chemicals.

“You’re going to cap this with what?! You’re so full of it if you think this is an actual good idea for our health, for our property, for our river!”

People demanded the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to conduct more tests before the cap is finalized.

“This is not the place to deposit 400,000 cubic yards of toxic waste. This makes absolutely no sense at all! “

“The submitted closure plan looks impressive by its physical size, however, looks are deceiving.”

Thursday’s meeting was only a public hearing. There will be a vote at a later date that has yet to be determined.

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