A thousand people attend MS Walk in East Hartford

EAST HARTFORD -- On Saturday morning, a 1,000 people walked to raise money for research to find the cause and cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society holds the event every year across the state as well as the country.  Connecticut alone, is expected to raise over 1.2 million dollars towards research, said a spokesperson.

"We have over 6,500 people here, just in the state alone who have MS, and more than two million people worldwide. So it's critically important that we have people come out, that we're raising  money to find a cause and a cure for the disease," said National Multiple Sclerosis Society spokesperson Kara Preston.

This is one of four walks that will be held in Connecticut, with the next walk being held in Torrington Middle School Sunday opening at 9 a.m.

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