Evacuation order lifted for Stamford neighborhood after chemical truck overturns

STAMFORD -- The City of Stamford ordered an immediate mandatory evacuation near an industrial park due to a hazmat spill Monday.

The Stamford Fire Department said the evacuation order has now been lifted and the hazmat threat has subsided. Residents and businesses can now safely return to the area.

The truck contained 34,000 pounds of methyl methacrylate, a chemical used to create resins and plastics.

The incident happened at 391 Fairfield Avenue in Stamford. Officials said that the driver of the truck was trying to make a U-turn when it tipped over. There were no visible leaks coming from the truck.

Evacuation zone

The chemical is extremely flammable, so the fire department put an initial evacuation zone in place. The driver of the truck wasn't injured, and no one in the immediate area was reported to be sickened or injured.

State Police, Stamford EMS, fire, DEEP all responded to the scene.