FOX61 Family First: Hartford program makes raising a family easier for grandparents

]HARTFORD -- There's a unique program in Hartford that's making it easier for grandparents who are helping to raise their grandchildren.

Yolanda Ortiz is the program manager for Community Renewal Team Generations. Gina Gardner is a grandmother who lives at the facility, and they sit down to speak with Rachel Lutzker.

The program offers affordable housing for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. The children get services that help growth and learning, and educational activities are held after school and on weekends. Mentors, tutors, and a full computer lab help the children to succeed at school.

Caseworkers also support the grandparents as they handle daily parenting and meet family obligations.

Workshops and social activities help grandparents help their children.

The program is a unique setup for multiple families in a townhouse-style community.

The program does more than just provide housing: It serves as a place for the families to connect with one another, and support each other.