Hartford manslaughter suspect appears in court

HARTFORD — The man accused in a deadly crash in Hartford involving a stolen car appeared before a judge Tuesday.

24-year-old Joseph Barreto appeared at Hartford Superior Court in a wheel chair following a police chase on Saturday that ended in a crash.

The chase turned dangerous at the intersection of Nepaug Street and New Britain Avenue. Police said the suspect hit a tow truck, as well as a telephone pole and ultimately careened into a house.

Hartford police said this isn't the first time Barreto has been accused of a crime.

“Mr. Baretto does have a history with us particularly with stolen motor vehicles there was an unfortunate series of events that started back in February, in which Mr, Baretto is the accused in regards to a motor vehicle fatality which was operating a stolen motor vehicle which claimed the life of a 22-year-old Hartford resident,” said

That resident 22-year-old Reny Alfonzo-Jimeno was killed when a stolen car ran a red light crashing into two other cars. Baretto is currently being held on a $1 million bond and is expected to appear back in court on May 15th.