Montville school leaders appear in court amid ‘fight club’ controversy

MONTVILLE --  The case of three Montville school leaders was continued on Thursday.

The school principal, assistant principal, and superintendent were all arrested for what authorities are calling failure to report abuse. Authorities said the school leaders were aware of a video showing students fighting while an adult was present and failed to report it.

Attorney Richard Brown, who represents principal Jeffrey Theodoss spoke out outside of the courtroom. He said this case just does not belong in the courtroom.

“This is not a question of intent to violate any law. These people love students, they love teaching. All of them have a history in teaching, why would they if I could ask rhetorically subject some students to abuse without reporting this thing,” Brown said.

According to Brown, the prosecutor asked for a continuance in order to obtain the information they need to provide to the defense counsel. The next court is scheduled for June 7th .