Tractor-trailer rollover dumps yogurt across I-84, backing up traffic for hours

VERNON -- Traffic was backed up for several hours on I-84 Monday after a truck carrying yogurt rolled over in the Vernon area.

The tractor-trailer was traveling westbound through the Vernon area around 8 a.m. when it sideswiped another vehicle. The truck driver reacted by swerving sharply to the left, which caused the tractor-trailer to lose control and roll over the left shoulder.

The crash sent cargo flying from the trailer, leaving several pallets of smashed yogurt containers strewn across the highway.

Multiple lanes were blocked in the middle of rush-hour traffic. Huge delays were reported through most of the day as state inspectors investigated and cleanup crews worked to clear the mess.

The truck driver sustained only minor injuries, while the operator of the passenger vehicle was not injured.

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