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Enfield to sue opioid manufacturers for damages

ENFIELD — The town of Enfield has joined other local and state nationwide in suing opioid drug manufacturers for “leading people into addiction.”

Mayor Mike Ludwick said Tuesday the town will file suit the same day in Connecticut Superior Court against opioid drug manufacturers and distributors, “seeking to hold them accountable for the damages the Town has suffered, and will continue to suffer, in dealing with the opioid epidemic.  The Defendants’ conduct has imposed a direct, foreseeable, and substantial financial burden on the Town’s public health and safety agencies, as well as its social and human service agencies, as it combats the opioid crisis and its effects. Rather than burden the taxpayers with these costs, the Town will seek an order requiring that the responsible Defendants pay for them.”

It’s the latest in a string of lawsuits by state, county and local governments accusing prescription opioid manufacturers of fraud and deceptive marketing. New Haven and Waterbury have filed similar suits.

Enfield has hired Scott + Scott as it’s attorney in the case.