Family hits the beach for late son and Make-A-Wish Connecticut

TAFTVILLE -- Taftville parents Brian and Doreen Brennan said baseball was in their son Travis’ blood.

"He loves sports, all sports, but baseball really was his passion,” said Doreen.

So when the young man was diagnosed with a brain tumor and Make-A-Wish Connecticut wanted to help, his family knew exactly what he would want.

“Travis being the kind of kid is in sports, loving sports, the trip was just amazing for him and me,” said Brian.

The non-profit made the arrangements and covered the costs for Travis and his family to head west and kick off a tour of some of Major League Baseball’s most iconic parks.

“It was unbelievable, I have never seen such a big smile on him, it was a time when he really needed some relief from what was happening to him,” said Doreen

After more than a decade-long battle with cancer Travis died in 2013.

Now, the Brennan family is taking Travis’ love for baseball to the beach volunteering with the Ocean Beach Park Benefit Volleyball Tournament to make sure other Connecticut wishes come true.

"We’ve been raising close to $20,000 for the last few years, and so it grants several wishes and it is pretty important to be able to contribute and give back and be a part of that,” said tournament organizer Tom Bombria.

When team “Spiking it for Travis” hits the sand June 3 in New London, Brian and Doreen Brennan know their son will be with them every step of the way.

“He is with me all the time and to have a moment where we can go and give back to people and help other people, to lift them up, just as if they were your own is a great feeling,” said Brian.