Mother, 2 kids die after car hits alligator in South Carolina

Josh Stanley (top left) with his wife Amber Stanley, 24, (top right) and their kids, Jack, 4, and Autumn, 2. Amber Stanley and her kids were killed Monday when their car hit an alligator. (Credit: Fox News)

A Florida mother and her two children died in an accident after their vehicle hit a 9-foot alligator crossing a highway, according to Fox News.

Amber Stanley, 24, and her two kids, Jack, 4, and Autumn, 2, were driving on Interstate 95 near Interstate exit 26, when Stanley’s car struck an alligator, forcing the car to run off the side of the road and slam into a tree.

According to Fox News, the car then caught on fire, causing fatal injuries to the three. The husband, Josh, said he was in Pennsylvania for work at the time of this crash.

“It’s been hard. I mean, I know it happened. I’m still kind of processing though,” the husband said. “I’ll be walking around and I’ll just, like, see something out of the corner of my eye, I go, ‘that’s Amber,’ and I know it’s not, but it’s just the first thing my brain goes to. Or, some kids say ‘dad’ or something.”

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