Hartford police investigating after shooting, car accident few blocks apart

HARTFORD -- Hartford police said a shooting that wounded two people was reported moments after witnesses saw a person armed with a gun running from the scene of a crash that injured two other people.

Police said they can't confirm that the crash and the shooting are linked, but they happened within a half-mile of each other Tuesday night in Hartford.

The car involved in the crash rolled several times, throwing a woman from the vehicle and pinning a man underneath. The man was critically injured. The woman was reported to be hospitalized in stable condition. Witnesses said that the driver was armed with a gun and fled the scene.

A gunshot detection system then alerted police to gunfire nearby. Two people suffered gunshot wounds but were expected to survive.

Police are investigating a motor vehicle accident and a nearby shooting that took place Tuesday night.

Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley of the Hartford Police Department said the scene of the accident is near Main and Belden streets.