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Plant-based burger is now available in Connecticut

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HARTFORD --  The old saying is, you cant squeeze blood from a turnip.

But the new reality is, yeah, you really can.

In fact, a California company called "Impossible Foods" has been squeezing blood from plants for years and using it to "beef up" the taste of its veggie burger.

It's called the "Impossible Burger", and it has been a big hit on talk shows and news programs and also YouTube.

After years of perfecting the product and ramping up production capacity, Impossible Foods has made their burger available in a handful of restaurants across the country, including Connecticut.

Plan B Executive Chef Kevin Watson, said the Impossible Burger landed on his radar screen in 2017 and was on his menu later that year.

With so many people watching their intake of red meat, the Impossible Burger offers a meatless meal with a meaty taste.

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