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WATCH: Video shows aftermath of violent car accident in Hartford 

HARTFORD --  FOX61 News obtained exclusive video of a crash in Hartford Tuesday night in which a man and woman were ejected out of a car during the accident.

Firefighters attempted to lift a vehicle off of a man trapped underneath after it crashed near Main and Belden Streets around 9 p.m.

When first responders arrived, the man's head and part of his torso was protruding out from under the car.

“The car had him over here and he went like that, help, help, help,” said Angel Gonzales.

Gonzales said he was closing the gates at North End Auto Aales Auto Repair around 9 p.m., when the car crashed across the street.

“When they hit that, the car flip and I see a body come out, a girl come out and the girl rolling right on the sidewalk and I say 'oh my god',” Gonzales said.

Another witness who asked to remain anonymous said she could not tell if the man under the car survived.

“He was moving so we know he was alive at that point but after that when all the ambulances started coming we didn’t know,” she said.

Hartford Police Department Deputy Chief Brian Foley said the woman was thrown from the vehicle and a man pinned underneath, as the car crashed and then rolled several times.

“Two passengers were ejected,” Foley said. “A female and a male. The female is in stable condition at St. Francis. The male was somewhat trapped and in critical condition.”

Police said the car crash happened moments before a shooting not far away that wounded two people. Police said the driver was seen with a gun running from the scene of this crash.

Gonzales said he remembers a third man in the car getting up and grabbing a gun he’d dropped before running away.

“And the girl tell him, 'you ok, you ok?',” Gonzales said. “So, so the girl tell him, 'you need help? You need help?'. "He grabbed the gun and he started running behind this building.”

Police have not confirmed whether the crash and shooting are related but they said both incidents happened within a half-mile of each other.

Both shooting victims are expected to survive.