Could breathalyzers be coming to your high school prom?

FARMINGTON — It’s prom weekend for students at Hall High School in West Hartford, but to get into prom first, they'll be checked for alcohol.

This isn't the only school who have taken these precautions.

Farmington High School just had their senior prom and every student was breathalyzed before entering, including their dates.

Farmington High School’s Principal Bill Silva said the testing has been going on for at least the past five years. They also test students every school dance. Silva said every year, every student has passed, however some parents are asking what happens after prom.

“However when they leave prom, there’s no one breathalyzing them then, so really it’s more about parenting and talking to your kids and having an open conversation than it is about having them walk in a high school door and be breathalyzed,” said Adrienne Marra, who’s a high school parent. “Because there’s no guarantee that they’re not going to go ahead and drink right afterwards.”

FOX61 spoke with West Hartford Assistant Superintendent Andrew Morrow, who said they'll be using passive alcohol sensors or sniffers which take in the air around.