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Colchester company tied to Sikorsky looking to expand its Connecticut footprint

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COLCHESTER --  Since 1964, Alpha Q in Colchester has been busy producing parts for the aerospace industry.

The manufacturing floor puts out parts, while the Glastonbury Southern Gage side of the business makes sure every measurement is precise.

“The parts that we do are critical for the helicopter to perform.  If our parts aren’t correct, then the helicopter doesn’t perform.  Our motto in business is quality comes first, so we’re all about quality,” said Alpha Q President Stephen Prout.

“The expansion is adding 24,000 square feet to an existing building of 47,000 square feet, so we’re expanding by 50 percent,” said Prout.

As the company expands, it’s looking to add to its workforce.  It’s looking for about 25-30 skilled workers.

“We actually have openings for skilled machinists, for tool makers, for quality technicians, for assemblers, for C&C programs to program the equipment you’re going to see,” said Prout.

“Our employees are very skilled machinists, but we have a very extensive training program and we will train people who aren’t necessarily as skilled.  We’ll match them with some of our senior folks and we’ll mentor those folks along the way and train them appropriately,” said Richard Hurley, Alpha Q General Manager.

They plan to keep adding to the 90 employees who work at Alpha Q already and to keep putting out products that are used by aerospace manufacturers like Sikorsky and UTC.

“The benefit with Alpha Q is we have a niche market that a lot of other companies don’t do.  So the type of manufacturing that Alpha Q is capable is doing, other companies don’t do, so it’s very beneficial to this company to expand with other aerospace companies that do large parts that other companies won’t touch,” said Kasey Plante, Alpha Q National Sales Manager.

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