Cleanup begins in Brookfield after storm ripped through town

BROOKFIELD --  Residents in Brookfield spent Wednesday assessing property damage from Tuesday's major storm, officially labeled a "macroburst" by the National Weather Service.

FOX61 spoke to several homeowners who were out cutting down trees and clearing debris. Virtually no one had power.

Some did not have water because their homes use wells.

"You feel like your whole world is crumbling down in front of you," said Jane Candia, who said 18 trees fell on her property.

Many local businesses were closed, but Heron's Package Store remained open Wednesday.

"Emergency lights are done, [so] we're going off of lanterns and cash," said Dave Damura. "That's all we can do."

Several tree-trimming companies were out, dismantling the largest uprooted trees, some of which fell on homes.

Brookfield schools will again be cancelled on Thursday. For the latest school closings, click here.