Family’s Christmas decorations destroyed in storm 

GRANBY -- A family in Granby was hit hard by Tuesday's storm.

A home on West Granby Road sustained heavy damages following the storm that also left their Christmas decorations in shambles.

Shards of broken glass can be seen from the windows being blown out, and the side of their home was pelted with hail. The family's roof also saw damage, with their shingles broken and their sky light shattered.

Patrick Taylor said he was home with his twin brother and three dogs, video calling with his mom in the basement when the storm hit.

"The big dog was going crazy, he didn’t know what was going on cause like you could just hear loud banging like on your floor inside your house," Taylor said.

After about a half hour later, Taylor said he looked outside his window when he stopped hearing the sound from upstairs and was surprised to see what had happened to his home.

"Peaked up, I see ice everywhere, ice  balls, I see plastic on the ground because one of the windows we have was plastic, and I see water all over the ground," Taylor said.

The family said they do hope to put up new Christmas decorations this year.