Hamden cleans up from storm impact

HAMDEN - Many in Hamden woke up to dozens of downed trees and power lines on Wednesday.

The damage from Tuesday night’s storm caused power outages for thousands and forced crews to close multiple roads.

One neighbor on Shepard Avenue where there was extensive damage woke up to a giant tree on top of his home.

“I heard a large crack when the wind came up and I heard my wife scream she backed away from the window and I came into the front room,” Chris Zusi said.

Zusi said luckily no one was injured and the home is not a complete loss.

Fire officials said the most severe damage was concentrated on the northern part of the town. At one point there were at least 35 roads affected debris from the damage.

“I can’t get to my house which is on Gaylord Mount Road every street that goes in that direction is blocked off I’ve been turning around and turning around,” Lena Cofrancesco said.

Officials are asking residents to be careful if they have trees or power lines down in their neighborhoods.

“It’s a dangerous situation. We advice the public not to touch downed wires, I know people have to go places and get to places but we will get to them eventually,” Hamden Chief David Berardesca said.

On July 10, 1989, buildings in the Whitneyville section of Hamden was severely damaged when an F4 tornado struck. See page 9.