Blumenthal, Esty promise help as they tour damaged homes in Brookfield, New Fairfield

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NEW FAIRFIELD/BROOKFIELD -- When Douglas Tice looks at his home, he sees a caved in garage, destroyed chimneys, destroyed walls and back deck.

And when it rains, now it rains inside.

On Sunday he gave a tour of the home to Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Elizabeth Esty.

"I've got over 100 trees down on my property. and I'm missing half of my house, said Tice.

He is hoping for federal relief from FEMA, "It would be years for me to clear everything out of here if I had to do it on my own. So without FEMA's help I don't think we could do it."

And so too are Esty and Blumenthal, who are taking pictures of the damage to bring back to Washington to press for relief and an emergency declaration.

"The federal government needs to be a partner. And we may not be on the top of the list when you think of tornadoes but sadly this last week we saw the devastation of 4 of them, " said Esty.

"We do it for the Gulf Coast and for Oklahoma. they need to do it for us. That's whats fair," said Blumenthal

Brookfield First Selectman Stephen Dunn said the cleanup bill will be steep with 50 crews are out replacing wires and another 30 replacing poles.

"Every single road in Brookfield has downed wires and has downed trees," said Stephen Dunn.

It's already cost the town more than $300,000 and the estimate the bill could run as high as $2 million.

"We've had the Red Cross here, we've had everybody - a rescue team, all the tree guys that we can get a hold of come help us, I mean everybody has been wonderful," said Mary Salvatore.

And neighbors have also been getting help, from each other.

"Everyone's been helping each other. You come together in times like this," said Tice.

"We all kicked together to help each other. That's it. That's how we had to do it, saidĀ Salvatore.

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