Towns warn of dangers with generator use

Why A Generator Is A Good Investment

HAMDEN — Towns still recovering from Tuesday’s storm are warning about problems resulting in the improper use of generators.

New Fairfield warned that generators should not be set up inside buildings or near windows, because carbon monoxide in the exhaust could result in CO poisoning. “Generators should ALWAYS be placed outside and far away from living spaces and any windows, doors and vents. It is critical to understand placement and usage of a generator along with the benefits of having CO alarms. You should install battery-operated carbon monoxide alarms or plug-in carbon monoxide alarms with battery backup according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Smoke alarms CANNOT detect carbon monoxide gas.”

Hamden warned that generators that were wired incorrectly could cause problems by feeding power back to the grid. “Any generator that connects to your home’s wiring must be installed by a licensed electrician via a transfer switch to isolate it from the outside grid. If not, it can back-feed electricity to the outside power system, posing a serious threat to workers or the public. Please do not use a home generator that has not been properly installed.”