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Shelton High student arrested for bringing BB gun to school

SHELTON — A student was arrested and was removed from Shelton High School after officials say she brought a BB gun to school.

Superintendent of Schools, Christopher Clouet, said it was brought to the attention of the administration that the student might have had a gun on campus.

School administrators said Destiny Ryan, 18, was showing what appeared to be a semi-automatic hand gun in the girl’s bathroom.

Shelton police, who were already at the school for an unrelated matter, approached Ryan and asked her if she had a gun, and she replied that she did. Ryan then handed officers her book bag which contained a black BB gun that closely resembled a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun. The BB gun was loaded at the time.

Ryan was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds and second-degree breach of peace.

Ryan was given a Derby Superior court date of Monday, June 4, and released on a $2500 bail.

Clouet says all students at the high school are safe.