Family asking for public’s help following fatal hit-and-run in New Britain

NEW BRITAIN - Police have identified the man who was tragically hit and killed on Allen Street on Saturday around 4 p.m.

New Britain police have identified the man as Angel Colon, 64, of New Britain.

Police said Colon was crossing Allen Street when a car hit him and sped off. The family wants to find the driver responsible.

"Find the person who killed my uncle," said Emanuel Alejandro, nephew of Angel Colon.

Alejandro has been walking around with his head down since his uncle was killed. They shared a bond that the family said was inseparable.

"You know, he wasn't born with anything, not one bad strain of evilness or a badness in him and that's why he won the heart of this city," said Raul Acevedo, brother of Angel.

"I still think that it was just a dream that I'm still dreaming," said Angelica Acevedo, sister of Angel.

Police released a surveillance photo of a car that hit Colon - it is a four-door, 2000 silver Toyota Avalon with a sunroof and tinted windows. The car was last seen heading west on Allen Street and may have damage on the front end and the windshield.

Police are looking for this four-door, 2000 silver Toyota Avalon with a sunroof and tinted windows.

"You don't hit a person and leave them on the ground like they're some animal" added Angelica.

The family said Colon was mentally challenged, but his friendliness caught the hearts of the New Britain community. They created a GoFundMe page with hopes someone will step up with information.

"He'd go out there and he'd take out all the neighbor's trash, put it on the street, the next day after the trash is collected, he would put all the trash back," said Raymond Colon, brother of Angel.

"You've taken not just something special from us, but you've taken something special from the City of New Britain," added Raul.

New Britain police said if you saw anything relating to the incident, you are urged to immediately reach out to them.