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May 2018 Above & Beyond Award: Douglas Bernier

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Douglas Bernier

Connecticut State Trooper


Nominated by Kaitlin Bernier :

“My husband has dreamed his entire life of becoming a CT state Trooper.  He has made certain decisions in life to get him where he is now.  He puts his whole heart into his career.

He worked an extra shift on Christmas so another fellow Trooper would not have to go to work so he could enjoy his family.

Many days go by with little to no sleep as we have 2 young boys.  He has saved lives of brothers, mother’s, daughters, father’s, uncles, children, aunts and grandparents.  There are MANY times he goes “unthanked” for his bravery/service.  In December of 2016 he pulled a man from a burning car.  Many of these men and women run towards danger when the rest of us run away.

In my eyes they ALL should be recognized as I tried to do my part in May of 2015.  By handing out “survival bags” to all the men and women that make up the CSP.
My husband is an inspiration to many, but most of all he is the center of our boys world.  We have a 3 and 6 year old who want to be “just like daddy.”  I can only pray my children become the man my husband is.”


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