Nathan Carman says he went for ice cream, played on computer night grandpa was killed

CONCORD, N.H.  — A man accused by his family of killing his millionaire grandfather in Connecticut in 2013 says in court documents he went home after they met for dinner, went on a midnight ice cream run, played on his computer and then headed out for a fishing trip with his mother.

Nathan Carman has been called a suspect in the shooting death of real estate developer John Chakalos, who was found dead the next day. No one's been arrested. He's also been questioned about when his boat sank with his mother, Linda Carman, aboard near Rhode Island in 2016. She's presumed dead. Carman's denied involvement in either case.

Carman's response to lawyers about his activities in the hours surrounding Chakalos' death was unsealed Wednesday. His aunts sued in New Hampshire accusing him of both deaths to collect inheritance money.