Newington police warns the public of ‘purse snatchers’

NEWINGTON --  Police want all women to be on high alert since there have been thieves snatching purses at Price Chopper on the Berlin Turnpike.

Newington police said the suspect's vehicle circles the parking lot for several minutes before settling on a victim vehicle that is parked on the far end of the parking lot with parking spaces available on the passenger side.

"The suspect vehicle pulls all the way thru the parking spaces next to the victim vehicle and when the victim enters her vehicle and places her purse on the passenger seat, a passenger from the suspect vehicle enters the victims unlocked passenger door and steals her purse," police said.

"It's very scary and intimidating," said Lorna Caban of New Britain.

"What I do is I'll put my purse underneath the seat so this way, if anybody was to look through the window, you couldn't see it. Like it's not visible and most of my windows are tinted so you really can't see them," said Anela Korkutovic of Newington.

"Put my purse, get my grocery cart, put my purse in the little kid seat and I go shopping. Then, I come out and I put my groceries in the trunk, but my purse is always in the carriage so I always try to keep an eye on it," said Khara Potterof Danbury.

Police are strongly reminding female shoppers to always park in busier areas and lock your doors as soon as you get in and be aware of your surroundings.

"I'm definitely going to be more conscious about what I do or how I'm leaving it and not to leave it alone," added Caban.

Newington Police have not announced any arrests but if you have seen anything, you are urged to immediately reach out to them. They are also warning everyone that crimes like these happen everywhere else and not just that Price Chopper.