Protests in New London prior to Coast Guard Academy Graduation

NEW LONDON -- About two dozen people gathered neared the Coast Guard Academy Commencement on Wednesday with signs to protest. Crowd members said they were there to voice their opposition to Vice President Mike Pence and the rest of the current administration.

“We are certainly not here to welcome Pence,” Colleen Shaddox said.

While those in the crowd said they all come from different walks of life, what unites them are the issues they care about.

“I really feel like I’m here on behalf of everyone I love who is LGBTQ today to say it is not all right the kind of hatred he represents shouldn’t have power in Washington,” Shaddox said.

Other said they do not agree with the administration’s stance on immigration and those affected by poverty.

“The poor are not being taken care of with this administration, the rich are getting richer, the swamp is getting deeper and he represents that,” Joanne Sheehan said.