3 people arrested in Westbrook for allegedly stealing cars

WESTBROOK —  3 people are in police custody Saturday after they were arrested for allegedly stealing cars.

Aymre Frasier
Photo Credit: CT State Police

Around 3 a.m. in the morning, a state trooper noticed 4 cars driving in a line relatively close to each other near Route 145 and the I-95 northbound exit 64 off ramp. Police said the officer found this suspicious because of how close the cars were to each other and the recent amount car thefts in the area.

The trooper decided to follow the cars and noticed they were all turning onto the same roads. When the officer turned on their emergency lights, the cars sped away.

When the cars reached the intersection of Elm Avenue and Private Road, one of the cars struck a rock wall. The officer said they noticed that someone got out of the car and hopped into another vehicle.

Tyrone Brown, 22
Photo Credit: CT State Police

One of the cars, a Volvo, then crashed into a Nissan Maxima. All the drivers except for the one in the Nissan, fled on foot. Aymre Frasier, 18  of New Haven, was arrested at the scene.

A juvenile suspect was found near a Dairy Queen off of Route 1 near Clinton/Westbrook line, while Tyrone Brown, 22 of Middletown, was also found near that area.

Brown was charged with larceny in the third degree, engaging in police pursuit, and reckless driving. Frasier was charged with conspiracy to commit larceny in the third degree as well as reckless driving, and engaging in a police pursuit.

The juvenile had the same charges as Brown, with some additional charges.

The 2 men are scheduled to be in Middletown court.