Reality TV production company coming to Connecticut

STAMFORD – They may start calling Connecticut “Hollywood East.”

Huge production companies are setting up shop in the state. The company behind shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The Four” is coming to Stamford.

ITV Amerca is relocating a *big* part of it’s business operations to the city –and the newly launched “wheelhouse” entertainment is envisioning Stamford as its base camp.

The two production companies will bring 450 jobs to the area.

In exchange for the jobs, the state will supply a loan to ITV and Wheelhouse Entertainment of up to 9 million dollars.

ITV America is the *biggest* producer of “reality TV” in the U.S. In addition to Hell’s Kitchen, it produces “Fixer Upper”, Netflix’ “Queer Eye”, and “the Real Housewives of New Jersey”.