Friends of missing 18-year-old kayaker say he loved to fish

OLD SAYBROOK — It’s been a couple days since 18-year-old Billy Zadrozny went missing after kayaking in Old Saybrook.

Zadrozny’s car was found at a boat launch at North Cove Road.

A number of people have posted about Zadrozny on social media. One friend who said she’s gone to school with him since they were young, recorded a video of his Snapchat and said he took the video the day he went missing.

FOX61 spoke with a family friend of Zadrozny who said he loved to fish.

“His passion was fishing, he loved fishing with his dad, often times driving into the town beach. I would see him and his dad, or just him, fishing off of the bridge down there and he really enjoyed the outdoors,” said Willie Fritz, who said she coached him in Little League Baseball.

The Coast Guard has suspended their search fro Zadrozny Tuesday.

The Coast Guard said given the present water temperature a person wearing a life vest could likely survive for up to 20 hours, and now it’s been over 24 hours since the capsized boat was found.

A friend who said she’s gone to school with Zadrozny in Clinton since they were young, has been posting about Zadrozny on her Facebook page.

“He was an amazing person who put a smile on anyone’s face no matter what the situation was. Not having him in our lives is a tremendous change for anyone he came across, and the town of Clinton as a whole,” said Jordyn Suraci.

A gofundme has been set up for the family.