First on FOX61: Congressman says HUD Secretary Ben Carson will visit Clay Arsenal residents in Hartford

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HARTFORD -- According to Congressman John Larson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson, will visit with the residents of Clay Arsenal Apartments Monday.

"He’s going to be visiting the regional office in Hartford," said Larson, "aside from making his trip out to look at crumbling foundations and so, we are hopeful to get not all the residents, but we’re hopeful to get the leaders that have been in charge there to talk with him and frankly to thank him for stepping up and doing the job."

HUD has rescinded the $1.4 million subsidy that they have been giving to the slumlord, Emmanuel Ku, who owns the Clay Arsenal Apartments.

The apartments failed HUD’s re-inspection earlier this month in addition to the re-inspection of 80 units which was conducted by the city of Hartford.

Wednesday, FOX61 was first to report that the city of Hartford was pulling the $266,000 tax abatement from Ku. Ku has been receiving the tax abatement from Hartford since 2011 and he has been receiving the $1.4 million each year from HUD since 2007.

Larson made the comments during a taping of FOX61’s political program “The Real Story” which airs Sunday at 10 a.m.

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