Three cars broken into at three separate gyms in Milford

MILFORD -- Police are asking for the help of gym patrons in nailing the people responsible for breaking into locked cars at three Milford gyms early Tuesday night.

The brazen break-ins took place in the parking lots of The Edge, LA Fitness and the YMCA, between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

“I’m mad, very mad,” said Tammy Shallis, of Milford, who was one of the smash and dash victims.

“They took my pocketbook, all my driver's license, all my bankcards, my money, my son’s cell phone, his Beats,” she said.

“My car’s window is getting fixed right now. Now, I am out 1000 bucks,” she added.

Like the other two victims, her car was locked. She was robbed at about 7 o’clock Tuesday night at the YMCA, on Orange Avenue, where she said she noticed two African-American teens in an older matte green four-door car.

“They were watching me,” Shallis said. “I walked around the corner, went to the bathroom and I said ‘oh there’s a better parking spot by the park’ and, within five minutes, they smashed my window.”

“I literally have my bag on my front seat right now. Yeah. That’s not good,” said Kayla Laydon, of Milford.

“The only thing I want exposed would be a pack a gum,” said Teri Tedesco, of Stratford.

“Some of the spots did have video. It just didn’t quite hit the area,” Said PFC Michael DeVito, of Milford Police Department. “Other ones it wasn’t equipped with video.”

DeVito said police believe these incidents are connected and that someone likely saw the green sedan leaving the YMCA.