Southwest plane diverted after passenger allegedly lit up marijuana in bathroom

CALIFORNIA —  A Southwest Airlines plane made and emergency landing Wednesday after a passenger lit up marijuana on the plane.

According to Fox News, the plane was heading from San Francisco to Los Angeles when the passenger allegedly started smoking pot in the bathroom.

The pilot then turned the plane around, saying there was a “mechanical difficulty” with the plane, according to Fox News.

When the plane landed, the accused passenger was turned over to law enforcement.  The other passenger was put on different planes to continue on to their destination.

Southwest Airlines released the following statement to Fox News:

“Southwest Airlines Flight 1250 with scheduled service from San Francisco to Los Angeles landed safely after diverting to San Jose following indications a Customer was allegedly smoking in the aft lavatory.

“The flight landed without incident[,] was met by local law enforcement, and the Customer in question was turned over to local authorities. Our Employees in San Jose worked hard to accommodate the remaining 32 Customers on other aircraft to continue their journeys.”