Webster Bank says ‘processing issue’ has been resolved

Webster Bank Facebook

WATERBURY — People who bank with Webster Bank had to guess how much money was in their account today.

And sometimes, to their frustration, not every deposit made was in their. But the bank now says the glitch has been resolved and customer accounts are up to date.

The Waterbury-based regional bank, which has almost 3000 employees and 163 banking centers from New York to Boston, says a ‘processing delay’ meant some customer bank balances weren’t available. On social media, the bank said the problem would be resolved ‘later today’.

They later said it would be resolved by noon.  But that deadline passed and customers aired their frustrations on social media:

It wasn’t until almost 2:30 p.m. that the bank said the problem was fixed, and promised to work with customers to “minimize such impact wherever possible, including waiving fees….”

A spokesperson for Webster says the ‘processing issue’ has been fixed, but accounts are still being updated. She could not say when that updating would be complete.

A seemingly similar problem affected Middletown-based Liberty Bank customers on Friday, February 23rd.  That morning the bank stopped any debits from being processed. They were able to resolve their problem by afternoon, forgiving any overdraft fees.