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Hamden mother allegedly killed by son was brutally beaten, burned in backyard

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HAMDEN --  Police arrested a man in connection with his mother's death in Hamden.

34-year-old Kyle Tucker went before a judge Monday where he is charged with murdering his mother, Donna Tucker at their Hamden home on Broadway Street on Friday.

Court documents obtained by FOX61 reveal the grizzly circumstances. After originally fabricating a story, Tucker admitted to the killing.

“Something happened,” said Tucker during police interrogation. “God got into my body and walked me downstairs with my baseball bat and it was very quick and almost even hard to remember.”

In tweets posted a day after the killing, Tucker writes, “I don’t mind admitting it. Donnas favorite son was Ryan and her second favorite Mason...so at least they’re worthy competitors for Mommas love.”

Tucker explained how he took his baseball bat downstairs into the kitchen and hit his mother in the head. She collapsed to the ground and he hit her again in the face. He then dragged her body out the side door and to the backyard fire pit. Tucker used gasoline to accelerate the flame and kept the fire burning for eight hours.

He used chemicals including bleach to clean the blood in the kitchen and eventually re-painted the walls.

Police soon came knocking.

Originally, Tucker told them he last saw his mom early Friday morning and said she was drunk and got picked up by an unknown druggie. But Kyle became the prime suspect after investigators discovered he used his mother’s Amazon account to order an urn.

Kyle told police he killed his mother in self defense. He said Donna tried to kill him, “over 20 times.”

Kyle said Donna tried to poison his food and put parasites in his bed.

Neighbors told FOX61 they remember Donna as a kind woman.

“It’s sad because I knew the lady, she was nice. Her dog played with our dogs. She was a cool lady,” said neighbor Rob Cavallaro.

Cavallaro also recalled his past run ins with Kyle.

“He thought that he had a stick that was possessed by the devil and he tried to light the house on fire and my friend had to tackle him down and stop him,” he said.

Tucker will be in court next on June 19th in New Haven. His bond was upheld at $5 million.

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