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Hartford parents walking a mile to send a message

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HARTFORD --  Hartford parents, students and community leaders were out walking Tuesday to prove a point about school safety.

They walked a little over a mile from Milner Elementary to SAND. They said their kids will have to take a similar walk when Milner closes at the end of next school year and believe it's not safe.

“It’s just not a safe situation for them to be walking through,” said Adriena Baldwin, whose children attend Milner.

“They have to walk through heavy traffic,” said mom Latoria Miller. “People don’t stop for stop signs. They have to walk through guys selling drugs and other kinds of violence, and it’s not safe for the kids.”

Milner’s Pre-K-5 students will be relocated to either SAND or WISH Elementary, and parents said the district isn’t providing transportation through a dangerous stretch of the city.

“You don’t think they’re gonna pass by people and maybe get sucked up in some of the violence or some of the territory wars that go on around here?” said Baldwin.

Hartford Public Schools released a statement to FOX61, saying:

Hartford Public Schools sees our parents as partners in our District Model of Excellence improvement efforts. The Milner School design and transition process will begin in early fall of 2018 (in preparation of their transition the following year. Our support now is around schools that are closing and co-locating for the 2018-2019 school year. All students will continue to be provided transportation per state law (K-1 ½ mile, 2-5 1 mile, 6-8 1.5 Miles).

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