Connecticut mother gets letter from President Trump about the opioid epidemic

PLANTSVILLE -- Each day, millions of people across the country struggle with opioid addiction and the issue has gotten worse.

It has gotten so bad that lawmakers are working to pass bills to curb the deadly epidemic.  One mother who lost her son about a year ago recently got the attention of President Trump.

FOX61 first shared her story in February when she and thousands of parents wrote letters to the president for Valentine’s Day sharing their personal tragedies.

“My son was funny, he made everybody laugh, probably that’s to cover up some of the sadness,” said Christine Gagnon of Plantsville.

It was July 2017 when Gagnon lost her 22-year old son Michael. He was once a star football player who turned to drugs like molly and ecstasy and eventually heroin and fentanyl.

“We lost close to 1,100 people just in 2017. It’s a problem everywhere but it’s a problem right here in our state,” added Gagnon.

Gagnon wanted to get involved, so she wrote a letter to Governor Malloy but said she never heard back. That is when a mother from Massachusetts who was part of an organization called “Team Sharing” started an idea for Valentine’s Day where parents wrote letters to the Trump to share their personal tragedies.

“I didn’t expect really anything back,” added Gagnon.

It was last Friday when she got a letter addressed to her mentioning specifically her son Michael.

This week, the House began voting on a series of bills that would address how prescription drugs are distributed and provide help for those who are addicted.

“Nobody should feel alone or ashamed,” added Gagnon.

Gagnon said she plans on framing the letter next to the pictures of her son.

“I can look at it and say ‘hey, the president mentioned my son’,” added Gagnon.

She said her son will always be with her through her voice and through her fight.

Team Sharing is an national organization for parents who have lost a child to substance abuse. There is a chapter in Connecticut and if you are interested in joining, click here.