A bus ride back in time

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WESTBROOK -- It doesn't get much more old school then the project the team at Vintage Motorcars has been working on.

A client, who lives in France, commissioned the restoration experts at Vintage to bring his 1948 Nash School Bus back to life. And, two years later, the work is nearly complete.

"You're talking about thousands of man hours," said Rich Willard, owner of Vintage Motorcars.

Willard noted that the school bus to his knowledge, is the only one left in the world.

"It's very rare," Willard said, "and the restoration process was difficult because there was very little literature and reference to go by."

The gleaming yellow school bus is set to hit the road next weekend where it is headed to an auto show in Colorado. Willard said the hope for the bus is that it will find a permanent home at an auto museum in Wisconsin.

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