CT State Police: String of car thefts occurred in Tolland County

TOLLAND COUNTY --  State police are investigating a rash of car thefts across Tolland county.

Police said all of them have occurred within the last 48 hours, in some cases, the cars are only broken into and not stolen.

Nicholas Bisaccia of Willington doesn’t usually feel the need to lock his car door.

“We felt kind of safe here,” Bisaccia said. “You know we’re kind out, outaways so.”

However, the husband and father of two said that is changing after what happened to his wife’s car.

“She woke up early in the morning and let the dog out and fed the dog,” Bisaccia said. “And she came running back inside saying someone went into her car and her purse is gone.”

He said a lot was stolen with the purse.

“Her wallet, her ID, credit cards,” Bisaccia said.

Bisaccia is worried for his family’s safety, especially his six and one-year-old boys.

“The kids are very important and we’re just worried that next is going to be the home intrusion,” Bisaccia said.

He knows it could have been worse. A Mansfield woman said a house guest had their car stolen from her driveway Thursday morning.

“Someone got up at five to leave the house and the car was gone,” she said. “So reported it to the state police.”

The Connecticut State Police Troop C Facebook page has posted an alert, which says the six cars have been reported stolen in Mansfield, Willington, Tolland and Torrington since Wednesday. State Police said in each instance, the cars that were stolen were left unlocked with the keys inside.

“We’re all guilty of leaving our cars unlocked I feel,” Bissacia said.

“There had been another car reported stolen,” the Mansfield woman said. “Things have been thrown out of that car. At the end of our street.”

Otherwise quiet communities across Tolland County are now on high alert.

“How will we now face this,” the Mansfield woman said. “May even get some security cameras.”

“No more games you know when it comes to my family,” Bissaccia.

Three of the six stolen cars were found in Hartford, while a fourth car was found in Tolland.

State police is reminding everyone to be vigilant and lock up your property. And call police with reports of all suspicious activity.