Controversial billboard taken down in North Canaan

NORTH CANAAN -- A controversial billboard has been taken down in North Canaan, but this isn't the first time the company has pushed the envelope with their advertising.

A billboard lasted about a week and a half on Route 7 causing a rift in the North Canaan community.

AdPartner Inc. created the billboard and said they've been working with Ben Metcalf who the asphalt paving advertisement is for, for about 13 years to create billboards that get people to stop and look.

However the company said after they got a phone call about their billboard showing cartoon women with their pants down, they changed the billboard to a picture of a nurse winking with the speech bubble, "Relax it's less painful than the potholes in your driveway."

"If people grumble we’re happy to take it off," said Bruce Cumsky, the creative director of Adpartner Inc. "I'd rather push the envelope for clients than tell me I’m not pushing it enough."

Many people in town said they find the billboard harmless humor, while others said they are offended.