Shoreline weather much different from inland communities Monday

NEW HAVEN --  In stark contrast to inland communities, most of New Haven only reached the low 80's Monday.

People around the Elm City were still finding ways to keep cool. The haze over the harbor said it all, summer is here.

"It’s too humid," complained a woman waiting for a bus.

Maybe for her.

"The humidity is not really that bad with the breeze," said Jenis Pegues, who just moved to New Haven from sultry Florida.

"It’s really (nice) around here. In the shade, it’s beautiful."

A handsome six month old boy, name MJ, relaxing in a stroller, had his ride made in the shade.

"By putting on light stuff," said the infants father, Mike Walsh of Waterbury.

While some dipped their toes in the New Haven Green's water fountain, just being near it had a cooling effect for others.

“It’s like that old trick when you don’t have an air conditioner you get a bucket of ice and a fan you know,” said Tom Keane, of Boston.

Among the workers breaking down some staging, a man confined to a fairly tight space operating a skyjack

“Sometimes it’s like a little greenhouse in here so luckily there is a fan in the machine,” said Mike Grazioso, a member of the IATSE Local 74. “And, I’ll move it in the shade when I have to.”

One woman brought along the perfect tool to combat Monday's changeable forecast.

“I am prepared just in case,” said Danielle Turner of Hamden, showing her umbrella.

“Got to make sure. If it gets really hot, I take the umbrella and open it up to keep that nasty rays off of me.”

But, find an AC if you can.

“Like the library, if you really want to get away from the hot on the green, go to the library,” said Brenda Eburg of Branford

Or, after wiping your brow, there's an alternative.

"I got a soda pop,” said a woman sitting on a park bench, holding up the bottle of soda.

The city says they require three consecutive days where the relative humidity is at least 95 percent for them to enact the extreme hot weather protocol. They noted today did not reach 95 percent relative humidity.

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